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Application Delivery (ADX)

Cookie Hashing

by pmorrissey on ‎10-16-2009 08:06 AM (874 Views)


Cookie hashing causes HTTP requests that contain the same cookie value to be sent to same real server. When a HTTP request comes into a virtual server, the ServerIron ADX  examines the cookie, hashes the content and automatically selects a real server from among those bound to the virtual server based on that hash. The HTTP request, as well as all subsequent HTTP requests that contain that same Cookie header value, go to that real server.




We will use csw and hash-to-bucket mechanism to achieve this objective. First we will search for particular cookie, in example below JSessionID,  and then, will hash the value following the string up to a certain length. With hashing, ServerIron logically reduces the Cookie value to a number between 0 – 255 which allows it to send subsequent packets with same cookie to the same real server


Sample Code/Configuration


csw-rule r1 header cookie pattern “JSessionID=”
    csw-policy p1
    match r1 persist offset 0 length 16 persist-to-hash-bucket
    default forward 1
    server real RS1
port 8080
port 8080 group-id 1 1
server real RS2
port 8080
port 8080 group-id 1 1
server virtual VIP1
port http
port http csw-policy p1
port http csw
bind http RS1 8080 RS2 8080