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Change "sticky" Cookie Name

We are deploying a web application product which inserts a load balancer cookie to maintain stickiness. Cookie name used by product is amlbcookie and is 2 bit number representing server id. On authentication, product sets a cookie "amlbcookie=01" to mark that session is held by server named 01.

How should we configure ServerIron to maintain sessions stickiness based on amlbcookie instead of using default session stickiness algorithm.

Sample appreciated.


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Re: Change "sticky" Cookie Name


did you try using openscript for checking the cookie and based on the value forward to the appropiate server?


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Re: Change "sticky" Cookie Name

Hi Santosh,

You can try configuring CSW with passive cookie persistence.

You can find an example of the same in Serveriron load balancing guide in the "Layer 7 Content Switching"  section.


Mohit Sahni

-Mohit Sahni

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