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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Can serveriron load balance Phone Dialers ?????

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if it was even possible to load balance software based phone dialers using serverironXL ? The Dialers listen on various ports tcp sip ( 5060 & 5061 ) , udp 5060 &5061 and udp range 10000 to 20000. So, if a device listens at so many ports do i configure real servers with each port and then associate it with a different group id plus bind each of them one by one on the virtual server ?

For eg :-

server real abc

port 10000

port 10000 group id 1 1

port 10001

port 10001 group id 1 2



port 20000

port 20000 group id x y

server virtual abc-vip1

port 10000

port 10001


port 20000

bind 10000 abc

bind 10001 abc

bind 20000 abc

I believe there is a better way of doing it.I search a lot but cannot find anyone load balacing phone dialers , so any help from you guys would be great.

Thank you so much

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Re: Can serveriron load balance Phone Dialers ?????

Hi Mate,

     Check out these two PDF's as they have the configs ServerIron's and for the Microsoft SIP servers (you will find that it is almost exactly what you need).


However you where on the right track.

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