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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Can not remove nat pool

I am trying to remove a nat pool with the following name:

ip nat pool !?? prefix-len 24

When I do the following, using escape characters in the CLI I get the following:

#no ip nat pool !??

Cannot find NAT pool !??

When I view the running config in the web ui the pool name is displayed differenty:

ip nat pool !Òý prefix-len 24

I'm not sure what the actual characters are that are running in the configuration, but I would like to be able to delete this config.  Any thoughts?

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Re: Can not remove nat pool

an idea might be to backup the config and edit the backed up config line to a correct name (or just delete the line).

Then erase the startup config and reboot then restore edited config.

Also Try no ip nat pool !Òý from the CLI (copy the test from the web GUI and paste into the cli)



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Re: Can not remove nat pool

I saw the same issue with you. Upon reloading, config parser will check if the configuration is legitimate. So, reloading is the bast. Also, if you have name equal or less than 3 letters, you may see the issue again. i.e. use ip nat pool abcd instead of ip nat pool abc . I remember the issue is fixed in 12.4.00f patch.



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Re: Can not remove nat pool

is a issue ..Use 12.5

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