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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Registered: ‎05-04-2009

Can I use different ADX models as an HA pair?

I do have a 1016-2 and a 1016-4 - is it allowed to use them as HA pair? They do have the same amount of ports and I guess this is possible - is it?

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Re: Can I use different ADX models as an HA pair?

I am sorry but this is NOT possible. The amount of ports is the same as you have mentioned but the amount of application processors is different. There are 2 APs talking about the 1016-2 and 4 talking about the 1016-4. The sync in between both ServerIrons of an HA pair is happening per processor. AP#1 is going to sync with AP#1 and AP#2 with AP#2 and so on. It is therefore not possible to sync a 2 AP unit with a 4 AP unit.

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