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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Can Brocade ADX replace Microsoft’s Forefront TMG?

Microsoft’s Forefront Threat Management Gateway (or shortly, TMG), was a unified perimeter security and web-front load balancing solution that provided routing, server load balancing, firewalling, url filtering, VPN services and more. A TMG device was generally placed between the Internet and an enterprise network to allow secure access to remote users and to protect Microsoft applications such as Lync, SharePoint, and Exchange.

However, as Microsoft applications are integrated with more built-in security mechanisms, many functions of TMG became redundant. In conjuction with that, there has been a need for improved performance which was not easy to meet as a pure software solution. Microsoft discontinued TMG as of December, 2012.

Note that the spectrum of features TMG offered is so wide that there is no single product solution to fill in its place. It is important to understand what features of TMG you are using before trying to replace your TMG with a Brocade ADX solution.

Brocade ADX switches can address part of TMG features effectively, such as load balancing, SSL encryption and decryption for URL filtering, routing, IP NAT, and basic network access control. However, Brocade ADX switches do not support the VPN feature, advanced firewall rules, malware detection, and authentication functions. To provide those features, Brocade partners with industry leading security companies, such as Palo Alto networks and McAfee (part of Intel).

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