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Application Delivery (ADX)

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CSW Rule strategies

Hey there!

So I have yet another random question... ...

Here's what I want to accomplish:

Multiple websites serviced through 1 VIP and each of the websites has associated csw-rule\policy matching to allow adding the different desired URL prefixes for each of the respective site's.

So what I have done is defined csw-rules that identify the host (a-record) of each site like this:

csw-rule "1" header "host" equals "WebhostA"

csw-rule "2" header "host" equals "WebhostB"

csw-rule "3" header "host" equals "WebhostC"

csw-policy Policy_1

match "1" redirect "WebhostA" "/system/page/default4.aspx"

match "2" redirect "WebhostB" "/file/mainpage/default5.aspx"

match "3" redirect "WebhostC" "/folder/page/default6.aspx"

server virtual VIP1

description URL's:Websites, A_B_C

port http csw-policy "Policy_1"

port http csw

port http keep-alive

bind http Server_A http Server_B http

So with this config, the csw rule get's matched but the site seems to enter an "infinite loop" as every packet destined to that host get's csw-policy treatment... I only want the initial get where the URL reads something like "WebhostA" or "WebhostB" to have the URL appended per the CSW Rules, after that, I isn't needed for the CSW rules to be matched and the URL to be appended...

Any ideas on how to do this?

Thanks kindly!

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Re: CSW Rule strategies

Hi, in your csw-policy you need to define a fourth or default match. At the moment you only have redirection, so the ADX will only redirect. I would use a forth domain "WebhostD" to serve the content like this:

csw-policy Policy_1

match "1" redirect "WebhostD" "/system/page/default4.aspx"

match "2" redirect "WebhostD" "/file/mainpage/default5.aspx"

match "3" redirect "WebhostD" "/folder/page/default6.aspx"

default forward 1

BTW: you need to define all real servers in group 1 here.


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