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Application Delivery (ADX)

Brocade serveriron adx 4000

by wail.shammakh on ‎02-22-2011 06:01 AM (410 Views)
Hi Guys

we have recieved brocade srveriron adx 4000, i have tried to access it via serial console and use SecureCrt but nothing came up to screen, i tried to search if might caused of bit rate of console, but i found it useing default setting should run fine, so far i can't access to the device via console, can anyone help me.

on ‎03-08-2011 01:35 PM

Hi Wail,

Welcome to the Brocade Community! In order to receive more answers to your question, it would be most beneficial for you to create your question as a discussion rather than a wiki.

You can go to the Application Delivery Community at: and click "Start Discussion" in the Actions Box to create a new discussion with your question.

Hope this helps!

-Grace Chang

Community Moderator