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Application Delivery (ADX)

Brocade Virtual ADX Evaluation - Online Community Support

by JoeZ ‎03-17-2014 01:33 PM - edited ‎04-17-2014 10:12 AM (5,423 Views)

Welcome to the Brocade Virtual ADX Evaluation Online Community1


 The Virtual ADX evaluation software is provided at no-cost to the evaluator and is intended for use in non-production environments only. The 60-day evaluation of Virtual ADX includes online community support, which is hosted by ADX technical experts.  


How can we download Brocade Virtual ADX Evaluation software?

Simply go to Virtual ADX 60-Day Trial Site  and follow the step-by-step instructions.


What are the examples of the Support topics?

The 60-day evaluation online community support topics falls into two main categories:

  • Standard Support: which includes topics such as Virtual ADX installation, virtual machine or hypervisor environment setup for Virtual ADX evaluation, and Virtual ADX configuration based on the supported features listed in the Virtual ADX data sheet
  • Advanced Support: which includes topics such as Programming or scripting functions of the OpenScript Engine

How do we request Support?  

To request Virtual ADX online community Support, follow the instructions below:

 1) Log in to the Brocade community with valid login credential.  (If you don’t have a login, click on “Register Now” button)


Login Community.pngregister community.png


2) Hover your pointer on “Discuss” and click on “Application Delivery (ADX)


Discuss ADX Community.png


3) Click on “New Message” to post. (You have to be logged in to the system to post a message)


New Message Community.png


4) In the Subject line, type, “Virtual ADX Eval: <insert specific topic for help> 3


 Subject New Message Community 2.png


 5) In the Body line:

    • Click on “Insert/edit image” and upload a screenshot from your Virtual ADX CLI prompt by typing a command, “show license
    • Provide detailed and specific information of your environment, the problems encountered, and assistance needed to resolve your issues


    • Body Community.png

 6) (Optional) Attach supporting files (ex: show run output) to provide more detailed information


7) Click on “Post


Our goal is to answer your first post within 24-48 hours4.  Please check your post periodically for updates.


Evaluator will be required to sign in using valid login credentials to Brocade community or register and provide information required by Brocade in order to receive Support.



1 The online community support is available for non-production environment of Virtual ADX only.  Please contact your Brocade sales representatives for further information about the complete Brocade Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support offerings for paid licenses of Virtual ADX.  
2 Additional terms may apply to your use of the community portal.  Brocade may terminate such support without further notice. 
3 Failure to format your request as noted may cause significant delays in response.
4 Our goal is that your first post will be answered within 24 – 48 hours and that any subsequent posts will be answered within 48 – 72 hours.