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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Brocade ADX configuration archival and backup (scp/snmp?)



i am wondering whats the best way to regularly backup the configuration of a ADX 1000.

As far as i know the ADX does not a support a community like cisco "." which uploads the config to a tftp server.

I have tried to backup the config from the ADX via scp but this did not work as intended. I can upload the pubkey fine but it stills asks for a password when connecting. Once i disable password authentification scp works without password.

(looks like a bug to me, it should either accept the pubkey OR if none is sent then use password).

Additionally it doesnt like 2 or more keys, only the first (upper key) is accepted, the other one from the 2nd client is not.

As this disables all regular users (without pubkey) this is not an option. Also having only 1 pubkey login is not an option.

What i'd like to have: check for pubkey (accept it) and if none is present: ask for password.

Is there any other way to simply backup the config automatically? (either make the ADX do it itself or use crontab etc. on linux to fetch it via scp or alike)

(Tested on 12.5.02b)




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