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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Brocade ADX MIB for PRTG or Solarwind

Hi All,

Does anyone experience to install the ADX MIB file into PRTG or Solarwind for SNMP monitoring ?  or other Network Monitoring System will do 


I was downloaded the MIB file from ServerIron ADX 12502P Router MIB.!ut/p/z1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjo8ziTQM9HD08nA18_QPMLA0cfQz8Db09wwwNDAz0w8EKjBwtnT2M3IEKfIwMDBxNQ91CPV3MDIHq9KOI0W-AAzgaEKcfj4Io_MaH60eBlcB9YGAQbAL0gbmxua-5v4G7iQm6AixeJGRJQW5oaIRBpicAgR...




I was also found this suggestion from community, but after I import and saved the file.mib, it didn't show any OID. :-

In our experience, the MIB Files from some vendors actually contain several MIB files in one single file:

In order for the MIB Importer to read the contained information, you have to split the file into single MIB files, each of them containing one section only.

Each section begins with a line containing the string DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN and ends with a line containing the word END. For example, such a section could look like this:


The filename of the *.mib file should match the string before DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN, in the example above this would result in a file named EXTREME-SYSTEM-MIB.mib

Please copy each section in a single text file and save it. Afterwards, you can import these single files using the Paessler MIB Importer.




Thank you.

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