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Application Delivery (ADX)

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ADX Features utilization


How do i use the following features. that are off

ADX-1016#show feature

Content Scan        :     OFF

l7 switching        :     ON

Http redirect          :     OFF

sFlow                    :     OFF

NAT                 :     OFF

TCS                 :     OFF

FW                  :     OFF

ACL                 :     OFF

inbound ACL         :     OFF

outbound ACL        :     OFF

GSLB controller     :     OFF

SYN proxy           :     OFF

SYN defence         :     OFF

SIP switch          :     OFF

SLB only            :     OFF

PBR                 :     OFF

HTTP-Compression    :     OFF

Application-Firewall:     OFF

Source-PAT          :     OFF

DoS Filter          :     OFF

Native-IPv6         :     ON

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Re: ADX Features utilization

The show feature CLI shows what features are currently enabled as per your current configuration. For e.g. the output of the cli in your post shows that you are using http content switching (csw).



-Mohit Sahni
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Re: ADX Features utilization

Most of the features listed will become enabled once you configure their fuctionality...

the "show feature" command is used as a quick reference to display already configured feature sets.

NOTE: App-FW, Http-comp. are currently not available.

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Re: ADX Features utilization

May something etching brocade the reason that brocade off the http-compression .

how it's good or not good?

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