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Application Delivery (ADX)

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ADX Custom port question around keep alives



I'm new to the brocade ADX and a training course is iminent, but as you could image progress waits for no man,


I have Setup 2 real servers and a virtual server, balancing http just fine. but I also have an application on the same servers that uses HTTP over port 81


I've configured a custom port (81) and bound it to the virtual server, it dosen't matter if the periodic health check is on or off the status is always failed. 


Is it possible to configure a HTTP like keep alive on a custom port and if so how so?


what would be the best way to get these ports active on the ADX?


thanks in advanced

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Re: ADX Custom port question around keep alives

By default ADX does UDP Layer-4 healthchecks for unkonwn ports and since there is no UDP service running on that port therefore the healthchecks are failing. 


In order to do Http healthchecks on that port first you need to configure that port as tcp port w.r.t healthchecks. You have to configure a port profile like this

server port 81
 tcp keepalive

 Now once you have defined port 81's profile all the port 81 will do tcp L4 healthchecks. 


In order to configure Layer 7 parameters for this port the cleaner way is to define a policy for L7 healthchecks and bind that policy to all the ports with same healthchecks. 


server port-policy http_81
  protocol http
  protocol http url "HEAD /"
  protocol http status-code 200 300

 Now you can bind this policy to all the port 81s on your ADX to do http healthchecks. 

server real rs1
 port 81
 port 81 use-port-policy http_81


Hope that helps.




-Mohit Sahni
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Re: ADX Custom port question around keep alives

Thanks so much, a small green circle has never brought so much joy :)


I had been playing around with port policies like that bit didn't quite get there


Thanks again



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