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Application Delivery (ADX)

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ADX 12.5.01 safest way to confirm/force the use of single adx and then break failover pair

I have two of them running in Active-Active. I need to remove one of them from the mix(please don't ask why). So my questions are

1.How do i first confirm which ADX is currently in use by a given tenant/App(i am using multi tenancy with 2 tenant profiles)

2.If one of the tenants/apps is on ADX2(which i want to rip out) how can it be safely forced over to ADX1 without production impact.

3. After i have confirmed ADX is running all tenants/apps. What is the safest way to remove ADX2?

  • Should i just power it off?
  • Should i disable all uplinks on my core switch that feeds back into ADX2? If so I assume i leave he sync port uplink last so they dont begin to both act as the primary in a failed mode?
  • Any other thoughts?


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Re: ADX 12.5.01 safest way to confirm/force the use of single adx and then break failover pair

Hi nkrasniqi,

I had following shared with me from one of our very helpful TAC agents. I'm posting it here on his behalf so that everyone else can get it too,

"I need to first confirm where the tenants/apps are currently running on ADX1 or ADX2?"

-- Run "sh server bind" on both ADX's. VIP's which are shown as "Owner" are the VIP's handling the traffic on that box. If the VIP is displayed as "non owner", the other box is handling the traffic for that VIP

"I then need ot force over any apps that are running on ADX2 to run on ADX1 ?"

-- Lower the sym-priority to do a VIP level failover

-- Do a show server bind to confirm if the VIP ownsership has changed from "Owner" to "Non Owner".

"Finally i need to know how to safely remove ADX2 from the environment. Do i just power it off?"

-- In order to safely remove ADX 2, confirm that the ADX2 is not handling any traffic at all.Then you can safely power off the box and remove it.


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