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2nd Q: Migration from a NAS 2424 to an SI 1016-2 - how to convert the config?

Having done step 1 now I am trying to move my VSRs to the ServerIron and I do not understand how to do this. The NAS config contains the following:

/c/l3/vrrp/vr 100
    ipver v4
    vrid 101
    if 3
    prio 102
    addr x.y.z.100
    share dis
        ifs e

/c/slb/virt 1
    ipver v4
    vip x.y.z.100
/c/slb/virt 1/service 80
    group 1

This is a so called virtual server router (VSR) - a VRRP instance with the same IP address as a virtual server.

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Re: 2nd Q: Migration from a NAS 2424 to an SI 1016-2 - how to convert the config?

A virtual server router is Nortels way to achieve a VIP failover together with the VRRP failover - it is basically linking the VIP to VRRP and creating a so called VSR as you have mentioned.

The ServerIron way is slightly different - please have a look at the following document and check the chapter talking about Symmetric SLB. You need to create so called VIP groups (vip-group) and it is possible to bind all IPs (VIPs) in a VIP group to a given VRRP instance:

server virtual vs100 x.y.z.100

  sym-priority 109

  predictor round

  port http

  bind http proxy1 http proxy2 http proxy3 http proxy4 http

server vip-group 1


interface ve 1
  ip address x.y.z.2
ip vrrp-extended vrid 1
   backup priority 109 track-priority 10
   ip-address x.y.z.1

   vip-group 1
   track-port e 1
   track-port e 2

This is going to link VIP x.y.z.100 to the VRRP instance with VRID 1 (bound to VE 1).

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