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  • Hi Karthik, Please contact Broadcom Customer Support.  My guess is that the java library is an embedded element in the Install Anywhere installer, but customer support is the right starting place for assistance.

  • Hi Singh,  Any solution for this issue???  Regards, Lavanya R ------------------------------ Siteminder Engineer ------------------------------

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  • Hi All, I am trying to update exception via Configuration > Policy > Exceptions > "Text Editor". A fter clicking on installation button its showing installed . But configuration still same. No change. ProxySG current Version: SGOS Please ...

  • Hi all, Our client's site is using Site Minder Agent 12.52 SP1 on HP-UX 11.31 platform.  Does anyone knows there would be a release of the site Minder Agent on HP-UX 11.31 that would support HP-UX v2.4 ? As listed in the 5262_SiteMinder_12_52_SP1_Platform_Support.pdf, ...

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  • Hi All! Read this article by Uzi Cohen to learn how to handle the collection and aggregation of logs from applications running in containers on Kubernetes into centralized log storage.  Also, stay tuned for more in this blog ...

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  • As more and more digital business initiatives emerge, which require applications and data to be accessed by those outside the corporate perimeter, the adoption of federation technologies has risen dramatically. Among these technologies, OpenID Connect ...