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  • Hi Michael, I was using Chrome browser. I am restricted to only what our System Admins allow us to use in our VDI's so the entire company and those who use SOI are limited to what ever version is present in our VDI. Just checked and we have the latest ...

  • Hi Michael, i recently implemented this patch in customer's environemt and it went fine. But the SSO from dashboard is not working anymore. when i click on "view report" in the Quality tab of the dashboard, it takes me to CABI but doesn't login with ...

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  • RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT Many browser vendors have announced they will drop support for Adobe® Flash® Player from their respective browsers after December 31, 2020. To prepare your organization for that event, and in order to ensure your use of CA Service ...

  • Hi All, Can anyone has any idea on the subjected thing. There is nothing mentioned in the REST API document provided. Thanks Ankur Mishra

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  • We are thrilled to announce the general availability release of DX Operational Intelligence 20.2! DX Operational Intelligence is our AIOps solution which enables enterprises to transform customer experiences and boost operational efficiency. With ...

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