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    Please give the links above a try and let us know (via support case) if there's anything else you're looking for and can't find. We want to make sure that our customers are finding the information they need!

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  • Hi, no, there is only ONE TR-Activity for changing assignee and group. BUT This only one TR-activity triggers TWO events for this ONE Activity. This shouldn't be. I tried to reproduce ... but couldn't. Is there any know issue for 17.1 RU 03 ? ...

  • you have some changes in NX.env file? The ones come right into my mind are NX_NOFASTCHAN and NX_SLUMP_FIXED_SOCKETS, especially if you have multiple servers. also if Text API Daemon is running/you may recycle it see what happens.

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  • By default, Service Catalog is configured to only allow users to see requests they have created or are they requested for user. Is there a way to adjust a role to allow it to search all requests? We are looking to allow the Catalog User role the ability ...

  • Team, We had some issues with ITPAM/Service Catalog and many requests are stuck in service catalog. Stuck means- - Approvers approved requests in catalog- but this action was not passed to ITPAM and the request will stay in approved unless we manually ...

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  • Welcome to this discussion of ITSM in Non-IT use – today’s focal point is ‘Human Resources’. Earlier, we have discussed how service management can expand into enterprise management in general (you can read it here ) , and listen to the recording ...

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  • In coordination with our services partner Enterprise Studio and ITSM expert Indrajit Banerjee, we are excited to bring you the next blog in our series about implementing service management beyond IT. Stay tuned for additional blogs and supporting webcasts ...

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