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  • Thanks for reply guys. Hope this will help.

  • Hi Pavel, In the Network Scan Policy that you are using, under the "Discovery Options" tab you will see the checkbox option discovering "Network Connections". Uncheck this option to remove any network connections from being discovered for the targets ...

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  • Hi, which version of hyper-v is supported please ( = running on which version of Windows)? as the CCA Agent didnt find/discover any VM ( = Relationships tab is empty) for the hyper-v server during the hyper-v server discovery process and the hyper-v ...

  • Hello All, We are planning to release CCA 12.8 SP6 with the following features by end of September 2019. - Replacement of Oracle JDK with AdoptOpenJDK in upcoming (12.8.6) and future CCA releases  - Capability to discover SQL Server 2014 & 2016 with ...