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  • Hi @Jessica Astorga   it appears to me that SQLFunctions are just passed thru by FDM.   Have you tried including an XMLQuery in the SQLFunction that describes the ​​rules to be applied to the column / XML node?

  • Hi Zafar,  given that you have successfully performed this action in the past, I'd recommend you open a Tech Support case and attach the new set of RR Pairs so that Support can diagnose the issue. Scott

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    Hi, I'm trying to implement a combination of Datamaker masking functions with default Oracle SQL. In Datamaker default projects there are few transformations defined in the following way: (Project: StoreFront, Version: Release 1) However, above ...

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    Hi, This is for TDM ver 4.8.1. For the Subset process we are using the Oracle Data pump export/import to generate par files. How can we use Javelin for the same process. The example that is available is inserting the records in the Target Database. we ...