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  • Hello Team Broadcom CA, I Have similar requirement, integration of ARD with Xray, Jira plug in. Kindly let me know if there is any solution for the same. Best Regards, Vedavyas Shenoy​

  • Hi Pooja, One automation layer can generate just one format of data. That is actual purpose of layers. It seems someone created "Spreadsheet" layer for your usage to enable to export to csv format of data. File extension does not change format of generated ...

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  •   Introduction In this blog post, a single endpoint of the HSBC Branch Locator API will be modelled [1] using Agile Requirements Designer (ARD), a market leading Model Based Testing (MBT) tool. This will allow us to increase the coverage of ...

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  • Agile Requirements Designer (ARD) helps distributed Agile teams to simplify their in-sprint test automation and streamline their Agile release process.  On August 30, 2019, we release Agile Requirements Designer ARD 3.0, featuring ARD Hub as the ...