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Stingray Migration Guide: Cisco ACE Feature Comparison

by riverbed on ‎12-02-2012 02:45 PM (1,189 Views)

Recently, Cisco announced that they are deprioritizing Cisco ACE — often a prelude to eliminating development on a product line. As a result, many customers want to know what the next step is for their application delivery controller (ADC) strategy. For ACE customers who are shifting to virtual data centers, private clouds, public clouds, and even hybrid clouds, they know an ADC that can easily map to these deployment models is needed.

Riverbed® StingrayTM is a family of software and virtual ADCs that provide this capability. While not a one-to- one feature match for Cisco ACE, Stingray provides the right features, and often times more features compared to ACE.

This document provides a high-level feature comparison of Riverbed® StingrayTM Traffic Manager software vs. Cisco ACE. You will get enough information to determine if Stingray is right for your environment.