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Extracting Historical Activity graphs from Stingray Traffic Manager

by on ‎03-13-2013 05:38 AM (313 Views)

Stingray logs activity (hits per minute and data transferred) for Virtual Servers, Pools and Nodes. You can view the logged data on the Activity -> Historical Activity page in the Admin interface. However, sometimes it is usefule to extract these graphs and archive them. The Stingray Admin server doesn't provide a facility to this, so this article presents a simple perl script that generates these graphs.

Using the Script

Download the script attached to this article and copy it on to one of your Stingray machines (it must be run from a Stingray host or virtual appliance).  Ensure that the script is executable.

Running it with no arguments will produce the help output:

Usage: ./ --output=image.png [OPTIONS]

Generates a graph of historical activity. If given no

arguments, will default to graphing all virtual servers for 24 hours

Required arguments:

  --output=FILE       File to output image to ('-' for stdout)

Optional arguments:

  --time=HOURS        Number of hours to graph (default 24)

  --width=WIDTH       Width of output graph (default 640)

  --height=HEIGHT     Height of output graph (default 480)

  --allvs             Graph all Virtual Servers (default)

  --allpools          Graph all pools

  --allnodes          Graph all nodes

  --vs=VS1,VS2        Graph a subset of virtual servers

  --pool=POOL1,POOL2  Graph a subset of pools

  --node=NODE1,NODE2  Graph a subset of nodes

  --linear            Graph using a linear axis (default)

  --logarithmic       Graph using a logarithmic axis

  --hits              Graph hits per minute (default)

  --bytes             Graph bytes per second

  --help              Show this help message

Running it just the --output argument will generate an image like the following:


The line colours and the virtual server names are output to STDOUT:

# ./ --output=foo.png

Line colours:

00cfff: apache

ffe626: Zeus AFM Integration

9a41d8: Web Site

00d840: SSL Passthrough

ff4ca8: soundex