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Brocade Network Advisor: Server IP configuration

Server IP configuration is set to localhost. How can I change this to the server name or its IP address so I 'm able to reach the tool from HP OneView?

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Re: Brocade Network Advisor: Server IP configuration

Hi Tom,


open BNA. Goto Server-> Options -> Software Configuration -> Client/Server IP.

There you can change.


After Change restart the BNA (i.e. via the Server Management Console)

Kind Regards
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Re: Brocade Network Advisor: Server IP configuration

Hi Ralf,


And which option should I change there? I would assume the "localhost" but I am unable to change this.

See attachment


Kind Regards,




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Re: Brocade Network Advisor: Server IP configuration



While enaged with TAC Support working on a resolution please continue to communicate over email directly with your TAC support rep to avoid any private customer specific information from being posted to the community.  Once your post is resolved, we will make sure to post the generic resolution back to the community to help other members.


Please let me know if there is anything else I can help facilliate your case resolution.


Thank you

Jason McClellan
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Re: Brocade Network Advisor: Server IP configuration



Was this issue sold? We have installed BNA 14.2.0, but in order to access BNA through WEB from another machine, we need to change IP Server config from localhost to server address or name, but we cant do that, this options are grey and unchachable.

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Re: Brocade Network Advisor: Server IP configuration



see the following excerpt from BNA 12.4 (still OK for 14.x) - use the configzwizard to change the IP address if the Server > Options is not correct for you (e.g. changing communications IP):


Configuring an explicit server IP address


If you selected a specific IP address from the Server IP Configuration screen during installation and the selected IP address changes, you
will not be able to connect to the server. To connect to the new IP address, you must manually update the IP address information.
To change the IP address, complete the following steps.
1. Choose one of the following options:
• On Windows systems, select Start > Programs > Management_Application 12.X.X > Management_Application Configuration.
• On UNIX systems, execute sh Install_Home/bin/configwizard on the terminal.

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