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BNA 14.2.0 migration fail



I am attempting to install BNA 14.2.0. I am able to upgrade/migrate from 12.3.4 to 12.4.4, then to 14.0.1 without any issues. When I try to go further with any other versions(14.0.2, 14.0.3, 14.2.0.) the migration fails at the very end and rollsback. 


Has anyone successfully upgraded to 14.2.0? 



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Re: BNA 14.2.0 migration fail



are the migration step 14.0.1 to 14.0.2 / 14.0.3 / 14.2.0 which fails - are you able to share any error message or further information?  These steps should work.

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Re: BNA 14.2.0 migration fail

Hi Martin, the migration is now completed. The problem was resolved by running a Brocade supplied script the essentially cleared out all the Dashboards widgets and reloaded them. Postgres had a serious issue somwhere in the migration process. According to Support a Defect article (Article Number 000013010) was created per my issue.

Please run the attached script; below is the readme content

This script add the missing dashboard widget details in database.

1. Copy the attached zip file to "<BNA_Home>" folder 2. Extract it in the same location 3. Make sure that the Widget_Entry_update.bat is present under "<BNA_Home>\bin" folder 4. Make sure that the Widget_Entry_update.sql is present under "<BNA_Home>\conf" folder 5. Open command prompt and navigate to "<BNA_Home>\bin"
6. Type Widget_Entry_update dbUsername dbPassword and hit enter.
7. Any error occured share Widget_Entry_update.log file which is available under "<BNA_Home>\logs"

For eg: Widget_Entry_update dcmadmin passw0rd


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