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MyBrocade Web Portal Information

by Community Manager on ‎06-15-2009 09:51 AM (366 Views)

Brocade Connect and Brocade Partner Network (for all partners) now transformed into MyBrocade. MyBrocade is our newest extranet for customers, partners and other Brocade enthusiasts, built on portal technology to deliver secure access to applications and resources that can help users manage their Brocade network.

MyBrocade replaces the existing Brocade Connect and Brocade Partner Network extranet, providing customers, partners and other Brocade enthusiasts secure access to applications, and resources. Take a quick tour.

All content previously available on Brocade Connect/Brocade Partner Network is now available on MyBrocade. Users who were previously registered for Brocade Connect and Brocade Partner Network are now members of MyBrocade. Log in using your existing Brocade Connect/Brocade Partner Network User ID and Password. New users can register for MyBrocade at

All New Homepage
The new homepage can be customized with a variety of free generally available modules. Brocade Software Licensing, Self-Service Support Tools, Communities and SAN Health modules put the information you want at your fingertips. Easily add or remove modules by visiting your "MyAccount" page. Once added, you can add additional customization to each module, indicating the number and frequency of listings.

Product Portfolio
MyBrocade gives you the ability to customize your web experience. Edit your profile to indicate what products of interest, and get quick easy access to product details under your product portfolio page.

Technical documentation like Product manuals, administrator guides, release notes.

Product firmware downloads are available to customers who have purchased a Brocade support contract and Brocade partners, through MyBrocade. Customers who do not have a support contract from Brocade should contact the supplier you purchased your product from to get firmware downloads and graphics.

The MyAccount page is your one stop location for managing your MyBrocade site access, profile and contact information. Users are prompted at first entry to add Role and Product information to begin customizing MyBrocade.

Easily view your site access, change your password, and contact information. If you change employers, you can easily request to convert your MyBrocade account to suite the new relationships you have with Brocade.