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What means fcAL.alwaysSendRSCN, fcAL.openSendCLS Custom.index Parameters


we have 2 productions switches model 6510. 

The client asks us to change the parameters to fix a problem with the hp virtual connect

My question is... what each parameter means?, what impact it can have on my production envionment? , changes can be made without reboot  the san switch

Request Parameters






Actual  Paramteres








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Re: What means fcAL.alwaysSendRSCN, fcAL.openSendCLS Custom.index Parameters



from configure CLI documentation




Following the completion of loop initialization, a remote state change notification (RSCN) is issued when FL_Ports detect the presence of new devices or the absence of preexisting devices. When set to 1, an RSCN is issued upon completion of loop initialization, regardless of the presence or absence of new or preexisting devices. When set to 0, an RSCN is not sent (default).



If this is set, a CLS is returned immediately to an OPN if no buffers are available. This is required for TachLite. The valid range is 0 to 4. The default value is 0.


The above is arbitrated loop parameters and I would doubt if they impact a HP VC stetup. As far I know, Customer.index is related to OEM providing the switch and I suspect the oemLogo related OEM, too.

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Re: What means fcAL.alwaysSendRSCN, fcAL.openSendCLS Custom.index Parameters

Hi jgabriel,


Do you have the detail of issue observed on HPe Virtual Connect ?



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