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Unable to see my the drives of connected devices.



My problem is that I am unable to see any of the drives of a different device on a network.


I noticed this problem when I set up two initiators and a target connected to a Brocade 8000 switch. When I looked at the name server all of the devices were listed there, and I all of the ports have the exact same configuration.


I then plugged in the target directly into the initiator, and I got the same results. I could not see any of the drives of the target. I also tried initiator to initiator just to make sure it wasn't an issue with the target, and I could not see any of the initiator drives from either of them.


The devices are configured to use the vlans given to them by the switch.


Does anyone have any idea of what could be going wrong?



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Re: Unable to see my the drives of connected devices.



Brocade 8000 is a FCoE Switch, with 24 DCB Port's and 8 FC Port.


the 24 DCB Port are Enable by default, for 8 FC Port, aditional POD License is needed.


you question is not clear, what you want to configure, FCoE or FC Port ?



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Re: Unable to see my the drives of connected devices.

Do you have any zoning setup?

Or default zoning - what is output from "defzone --show" on the 8000 (what is the fos level - 7.1?)

What is the output from cfgshow on the 8000?


I assume that you have a FCOE license in place if your devices is connected the 10GE ports.


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