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Segmented, Zone Conflict

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I've got Huawei E9000 chassis with blades and cx912 with SAN switch inside and I've got IBM SAN 768B2 connected to storage. CX912 see all blades, IBM SAN 768B2 see storage, but I can't to connect the switches. Ports on both switches is E-type, status online, but Additional info Segmented, Zone Conflict. License Full Fabric to CX912 has been installed. Please help. 

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Re: Segmented, Zone Conflict



if you have no visible zoning configuration (cfgactvshow CLI give empty output) on CX912 blade switch, then you should check the setting of the default zoning, e.g. compare the output from the command 'defzone --show' run on both switches, below examples show No access defined.


switch:admin> defzone --show
Default Zone Access Mode
committed - No Access
transaction - No Transaction


For example if the IBM SAN 768B2, shows all access and CX912 show no access, then you can run the following command on the IBM SAN 768B2 to set it to no access (the cfgsave is required to commit the change):


ibmsan:admin> defzone --noaccess
ibmsan:admin> cfgsave
ibmsan:admin> defzone --show
Default Zone Access Mode
committed - No Access
transaction - No Transaction


The default access mode is not visible in cfgshow and friends.

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