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SN3000B Fiber Switch



I was trying to upgrade my hosts to a new brocade switch, sn3000b fiber switch. I managed to connect and configure the zones of 11 hosts, except one. The one that is not connecting says U-Port and not F-Port like the others. The light on the switch side is Amber, while the light on the host side are blinking amber, 3 of them. The port is 4G and i tried to change portcfgspeed but same thing. When i do the portshow, it says in-sync, u-port, but it is not online. Tried different ports and the same issue persists.


Is there something i'm missing?


Thank you

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Re: SN3000B Fiber Switch




What is the FOS code level you are running?


Since the switchshow display "in syc" the physical connection works. Can you share the output from the following command where the host is connected:


portshow <port>

portstatsshow <port>

portloginshow <port>

portloginshow <port> -history   (if you are running FOS 7.4 or 8.x)

fabriclog -s | grep <port>


kind regards

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