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SAN Fabric: VDX-6720 and E8000 Configuration

We want to put together converged network for IP and SAN due to having to save ports on the server.  We have Storage(VNX) attached to Brocade E8000 with host attached to VDX-6720.  On the respective switches I am able to see WWN, but I am not able to interconnect switches for SAN.

Question: Is this configuration with hardware doable? if so, guidence on how

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Re: SAN Fabric: VDX-6720 and E8000 Configuration

Hi llew,

not supported - only directly connected FCOE servers or disks connected to the 8000.

To connect FC storage to your VDX-6720, you need to consider another solution with where VDX have FC connectivity to a fabric (via FC).

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