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NPIV WWN not visible by Storage Device



I face a very rare and strange issue.

We configure two new HP Blade Gen9 serveur using FCoE.

Servers is connected to the SAN, WWN are visible, portloginshow show the WWN loged to the fabric, zoning is well configured but the storage device don't see the WWN.

I try with an HP EVA P6500 and with an IBM SVC, both have same issue.

We use FCoE via Cisco Nexus, so there are visible as NPIV.

We allready have two Nexus in each Fabric with Blade Gen9 using FCoE that are working fine.

Those new server are connected with a new Nexus with a more recent OS, but as we see the WWN in the SAN I don't think it's related to the Nexus.

Also previous Nexus where connected to SAN Director, this time the Nexus is connected to a Normal SAN Switch in another Room connected to SAN Director with ISL Trunk.


It's first time I have a situation with a WWN visible on the SAN, BNA shows the target visible on the storage port also, and where the storage device don't see the WWN.


If someone as an idea why this issue occur he is welcome.





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Re: NPIV WWN not visible by Storage Device

Hi finally found that servers connected on new Nexus using FCoE had constent CSR error reported on FCoE HBA.


Looking in deeper on the Switch, I find also that those servers didn't register any Port Symbolic Name or Node Symbolic Name.


I imagine that those missing record prevent Storage Device to connect to thoses servers.


And I suspect something wrong in latest Nexus. So we will try to downgrade this new Nexus to same NX-OS than current running Nexus with FCoE.

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Re: NPIV WWN not visible by Storage Device

Hi Bernard,


I suspect your are on the right track - if end devices (storage or servers) are completly registered in the name service - for example missing FCP type, Port Symbolic Name or Node Symbolic Name (in bold below). Dependent on the type of query the other device (server or storages) do the name server in the switch, it might not find no devices (e.g. missing FCP Type (FC4s). Example of good nsshow


switch:user> nsshow
Type Pid     COS PortName NodeName TTL(sec)
N    010100; 3;21:00:00:e0:8b:13:08:10;20:00:00:e0:8b:13:08:10;na
     FC4s: FCP
     NodeSymb: [41] "QLA2340 FW:v3.03.06 DVR:v9.0.0.2 (w32 IP)"
     Fabric Port Name: 20:01:00:05:1e:34:00:70
     Permanent Port Name: 21:00:00:e0:8b:13:08:10
     Port Index: 1
     Share Area: No
     Device Shared in Other AD: No
     Redirect: No
     Partial: No
     LSAN: No
The Local Name Server has 1 entries }.

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