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MOTD and Bannershow Invalid

Hi Guys,


Whats the big difference between MOTD and Bannershow?


We have a tool which scan the configuration of the switches and notifies if the settings are against the standards.


In almost all of the switches that we have(DCX), the bannershow settings was marked as 'failed'. But, when I checked, it is defined. For examples below,


cccxxxxx-2:xxxxx> bannershow
This property belongs to XXXXXX. Unauthorized access is prohibited.


Kindly help to fix this.

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Re: MOTD and Bannershow Invalid



notice that if you use openssh to connect to a switch, the MOTD (bannershow) is not display directly:


"FOS MOTD does not display before the login prompt, when using the client application performing an SSH login.
When a client using OpenSsh makes a connection to the switch, rather than getting an immediate warning by the MOTD, the client will prompt with a login. Thereafter, once a user login is complete, and prior to entering a password response, it is at this point that the MOTD is displayed."

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