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Force error on SAN SWITCH Brocade 300

Hello Friends


I have a SAN Switch Brocade 300.  Actually i have a tool that is allowing us monitoring the different ports of this SAN (Whatsup Gold).  Recently we had a physical problem with a transceiver one of them.  We check the SAN Switch ports using porterrshow command and we found that existed 2 columns that we told us the error.  ENC IN and ENC OUT

For monitoring this port we found two counters taht called swFCPortRxEncInFrs and swFCPortRxEncOutFrs.

Actually we don't have a way to re-create this error.

So my question is:  Is possible recreate this physical error using a command via command line?

Thanks in advance for your help


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Re: Force error on SAN SWITCH Brocade 300

Hi Alexander,


I am not aware of CLI to force an encoding inside or outside error, easiest is possible to re-use the sfp or cable which was was part of the original error.   Also, if you are running 8GB, you could set an incorrect fillword on a port running at 8GB (portcfgfill) which probably will generate physical errors on that link once the traffic reach a certain level.

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