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Fabric Merge Rules

Would it be recommended/supported to merge Brocade 5100 and Brocade 6505 to Brocade 4100?


What are the rules for merging different switches, especially in this case, switches with different speeds, and different OS support (6.x on 4100 vs 7.x on the other switches).


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Re: Fabric Merge Rules

Hi Alain,


The 4100 is end of support from Brocade as late 2012.

Even though FOS 6.4.x (newest version which was supported on the 4100) will technically work with FOS 7.x.


Merging the 6505 and 5100 should be no issues, note (from Release notes):


a. Ensure that the 5100 is running as least 6.2.2f (otherwise QoS needs to be disabled).

b. If possible upgrade the 5100 and 6505 the same FOS level


I would check the release notes for the switch with the newest FOS version:


1. FOS version on the other switches are supported when connecting the new FOS version (FOS 6.4 works with FOS 7.x)


2. Different speed (or different hardware ASICs), as long as the FOS version are compatible per the release notes.


kind regards

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