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Exporting configuration with no access to network

I have a brocade 200e switch that will not connect to the network to upload it's config to a ftp server. I have checked all the network settings and they are correct, it can ping itself, but nothing else on the network. I've even tried connecting a computer directly to the switch and assiging the IP information. Nothing.


I have a replacement switch to put in it's place, but I don't have a way of pulling the configuration off the old one. This is a problem because I did not configure the old one, so I have no idea how to set up the replacement.


Is there anyway I can save the configuration locally as a .txt file and then open it locally on the switch to manually copy the configuration?


I'm open to any other ideas as well.


Thanks for the help in advance.

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Re: Exporting configuration with no access to network



have you established a connectivity Trough the serial Port, to check why the LAN Management port is not working ?

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Re: Exporting configuration with no access to network



From serial console, you can output the configuration of the switch with 'configshow' or 'configshow -all' (if you are at FOS 6.2).


Either pipe the output to more to read it a page at at time and/or capture the output on the serial confile in a file config.txt


Then checking the file against the output on the console before downloading the same file on your replacement switch via configdownload from the ftp server (after updating FOS to the same version).

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