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Brocade 300 + System will shut down within 2 minutes.


after upgrade FOS (6.4.1 --> 6.4.3g) switch shutdown after 2 min. Reason is clear :


2017/05/01-19:51:04, [EM-1014], 27, CHASSIS, ERROR, Brocade300, Unable to read sensor on Switch (-4).


tempshow show error reading sensors , fans are OK


I tried switchstatuspolicyset and disable temperature shutdown (set to 0) , doesnt help ...

I tried find process which shutdown switch , Unsuccessful

I tried change permission sysshutdown , Unsuccessful


Old firmware is deleted by commitfirmware

FOS v6.4.3g


Commitfirmware cannot be fully completed , 120 sec is short time ...

EM: Halting system - now!
Broadcast message from root Mon May 1 17:00:47 2017...

The system is going down for system halt NOW !!
2017/05/01-17:00:47, [HIL-1509], 38, FFDC | CHASSIS, CRITICAL, Brocade300, High temperature (9926 C). Warning time expired. System preparing for shutdown.
2017/05/01-17:00:47, [EM-1002], 39, FFDC | CHASSIS, INFO, Brocade300, System fan(s) status Fan1=9926RPM Fan2=9642RPM Fan3=9926RPM .
2017/05/01-17:00:47, [EM-1001], 40, FFDC | CHASSIS, CRITICAL, Brocade300, Switch is over heating: Shutting down
2017/05/01-17:00:47, [RAS-1001], 41, CHASSIS, INFO, Brocade300, First failure data capture (FFDC) event occurred.
2017/05/01-17:00:48, [TRCE-1001], 42, CHASSIS, WARNING, Brocade300, Trace dump available ! (reason: FFDC)
INIT: Switching to runlevel: 0
2017/05/01-17:00:48, [TRCE-1004], 43, CHASSIS, WARNING, Brocade300, Trace dump was not transferred because trace auto-FTP disabled.
INIT: Sending processes the TERM signal
Repairing the secondary partition now.
Please wait ...
chassis:0-lfm: Image-incomplete event
2017/05/01-17:00:58, [RAS-1001], 44, CHASSIS, INFO, Brocade300, First failure data capture (FFDC) event occurred.
##RSCMON exiting due to signal: 19, pending signals: 0x0, 0x0
##exiting due to signal: 19, pending signals: 0x0, 0x0
Stopping diagnostics
Unmounting all filesystems.
The system is halted
Shutdown: hda
Power down.


I need more time to run firmwaredownload again . In single mode switch running OK.


Any idea ?


Thank you




PS switch has expired support contract



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Re: Brocade 300 + System will shut down within 2 minutes.

Hi Michalj,


in single user root mode, FOS, is not "active". Shutdown as you stated because of the temperature reported which is initiated via the FOS part.


It might be that one temperature sensor or all are bad, or there is enough interference on the i2c bus used for reading out value.


What about psshow - do you get correct value for both powersupplies?


Try to remove all SFPs (data is read via I2C), next step would be remove also one of the PS to further reduce the amount of the devices on the I2C bus. And then to upgrade.


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