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MLX 10G local fault causing link flapping

Hello all.

Has anybody seen the following error log message on a NI MLX:

Aug 25 03:10:19:ISmiley FrustratedYSTEM: port 7/2 is down(local fault
Aug 25 03:10:19:ISmiley Frustratedystem: Interface ethernet 7/2, state down - local fault

We see this these days very often causing serious issues in the network.

We have already replaced the XFP two times but it did not resolve this local fault issue.

What is a local fault?

Defective linecard?

Software issue?

Does anybody know what exactly is causing a local fault?

Hopefully anybody has seen this and resolved this in his network?!

Thank you,


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Re: MLX 10G local fault causing link flapping

Were you using a non brocade SFP+?  I am in the same boat right now.  I am using a non brocade SFP+ and interface will not go out of local fault.  I am trying to find an undocumented command like cisco has  "service unsupported-transceiver" .  Any help appreciated.


Chad V.

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