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Last week, the EIC held the first EMEA Technical Summit and boy was it a busy one!

When I say busy, I mean busy …it included a variety of presentations, horse racing and invigilators - confused?

EMEA Tech Summit Crowd in Lounge 18.11.2013.jpg


On Monday morning our visitors arrived and were warmly welcomed by Marcus Jewell our VP Sales - EMEA.  After a day of presentations and an appetising lunch, our guests headed to their hotel ready for the wonders of the evening entertainment awaiting them.




And yes, wow what a competitive night we had.  Dividing everyone into teams of 6, the games began. Some teams were successful to the end as they hedged their bets and others fell at the first hurdle, as they played all or nothing. A lot of fun was had by all!


Day 2

No rest for the wicked, the next day our guests were in at the crack of dawn where more fruitful presentations such as Service Provider DC Evolution, HyperEdge Campus Architecture and Wireless LAN were delivered. The evening drew to a relaxing close, with a traditional pub dinner in the lovely town of Wokingham.


Day 3

So as you can imagine, after a busy two days our guests were tired but for some, it wasn't over yet as they prepared to take their BCEFP exam in the EIC. They spent four hours training with Jason Broadbent and Colin Swift our SE's that morning with a  nutshell course.


The exam took place later that afternoon under strict invigilation guidelines. It felt like watching secondary school kids walking into the headmaster’s office after their fifth detention in a row. However on this occasion there were lots of happy faces leaving the exam room as they passed with high marks.


Most importantly, they left the EIC that day feeling more knowledgeable and happy which is what we strive to achieve.


It is after all a ‘Space to Inspire, Network and Collaborate’!