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Practice Exams for New Exams

The Brocade Professional IP Administrator 2016 (BPIPA) and the Brocade Professional IP Administrator 2016 (BPvADCA) certifications will each have a practice exam. There is a link from the exam detail page. Or you can find the practice exam on Brocade.com by following these simple directions.

  1. Login to MyBrocade.
  2. Select My Education from within MyBrocade.
  3. Click on Brocade Training Portal.
  4. From the Portal landing page, select “Browse.”
  5. Scroll down and click on the Test icon (shaped like a clipboard) on the right-hand side of the page.
  6. From the available tests displayed, select the exam and then click on “Request” to launch. Upon completion of the exam, you will immediately see your score.
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Re: Practice Exams for New Exams

There are only 22 questions in practice exam. Is there any additional practice available?

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Re: Practice Exams for New Exams

The single practice exam with 22 questions is all that is currently available. If you have further questions feel free to contact certification@brocade.com.

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Re: Practice Exams for New Exams

While the Network Industry Protocols and BPIPA practice exam's are available, they provided very little preparation material for the overall BPIPA test experience.


The test is difficult so don't shortcut yourself in preparing.

Multiple Brocade sources have stated that beyond the actual class, online modules, they recommended reading each referenced guide in the exam study guide.   Which equates to alot of reading.

You may want to try the BACI (ICX Products) as a stepping stone to the BPIPA

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