BCFA 16 Gbps Beta Exam Ended - Results Will Be Mailed 10/26/2011

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BCFA 16 Gbps Beta Exam


The Brocade Certified Fabric Administrator 16 Gbps exam has ended Thank you for your participation. Results will go out in the mail beginning 10/26/2011 but will be available in your Pearson VUE account on 10/25/2011. We are leaving some of the study resource material out here for you to download. When the exam goes live, the new CFA 200 course will be the training course to support it.



BCFA 16 Gbps Exam Objectives


Fibre Channel Concepts
•    Given a 24-bit address, demonstrate knowledge of the address components
•    Given a switch port, identify valid port types
•    Describe the election process, responsibilities, and attributes of a principal switch
•    Identify Fibre Channel well-known addresses
•    Describe flow control concepts


Product Hardware Features
•    Describe how to obtain switch environmental data
•    Identify Brocade hardware components


Installation and Configuration
•    Describe the various types of Brocade documentation
•    Describe product setup functions and features


FCP Concepts
•    Demonstrate knowledge of trunking concepts
•    Differentiate between fabric routing policies


•    Describe zoning concepts and implementation


Basic Management
•    Identify basic switch management interfaces
•    Demonstrate basic knowledge of management and reporting tools


Basic Troubleshooting
•    Demonstrate knowledge of how to collect information and perform basic troubleshooting under different scenarios



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