BCEFP 2013 Exam Extended Study Material

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Brocade Certified Ethernet Fabric Professional 2013 Exam

Use this information and the documents to help you prepare for the exam.


Exam Study Resources (page numbers are document page numbers, NOT the PDF page number)


Network OS v3.0 Admin Guide 53-1002561-01

Pages  1,2,4,38,63,76,78,116,149,153,155-164,175,197-199,208,213,216,239,246,247,251,254,258,259,270,271-276,



(Note: 533 & 562 were listed prior and were a mistake; they should have been 331 & 342)


Network OS v3.0 Command Reference 53-1002562-01

Pages  40,96,97,153,282,291,299,310,388,389,440,469,473,474,490,802,836


Network OS v3.0 Message Reference 53-1002559-01

Pages 140,156 (Note: 469 & 474 were listed prior and were a mistake; they should have been under the Command Reference Guide)


Brocade VDX/VCS Data Center Layer 2 Fabric Design Guide GA-DG-434-00

Page  6


Brocade VDX 6730 Data Sheet GA-DS-1607-02


Brocade VDX 8770 Data Sheet GA-DS-1701-00


Meet the BCEFP Exam Developers




Left to right, back row: Michael Doyle, Jesse Yost, Dennis Faust, Todd Cummings.

Front row left to right: Joe Cannata, Joe Holbrook, Dennis McEachern, Stephen Tye, Bob Smith.