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Brocade Training for U.S. Troops Abroad

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Brocade takes pride in providing onsite training to our customers, even in parts of the world where life itself is at risk.


This is your chance to get that training in before the holidays. Check out the full schedule here:


3 Courses just released from Brocade University!

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Get the newest education content for Brocade Fabric OS v7.3 and new Brocade Extension products.


Special Offer: Brocade Network Advisor FREE Training

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Special Offer: Now through October 26th 2014

For a limited time only, Brocade University is offering FREE of charge:

Brocade Network Advisor Implementation, Migration, and Configuration (BNA 150-WBT) web-based training, valued at $200.00 USD.


Free NFV Certification Offer

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I am not here to sell you on the concept of NFV, SDN or explain the virtues of these new technologies. You can read all about that here, or visit our Network Facts webpage if you really want to learn more about the future of networking. You can debunk some of the SDN myths by reading this article. I work for Brocade University, the education and certification part of Brocade, and I run the Brocade Certification Program.





NFV Certification Promotion

In support of this new technology, we want to introduce you to NFV. We have a promotion to help you experience NFV with hands-on time, to get certified on our virtual routers, and get a jump on your industry peers in being certified on cutting-edge concepts. Click here to get started with this promotion.


Brocade University is pleased to announce the new SDN BCVRE bundle of self-paced, eLearning courses.  These courses are designed for network professionals with field experience who wish to take the Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer (BCVRE) exam (170-010).




The classes cover all of the topics related to installing configuring and troubleshooting a Brocade Vyatta vRouter. The bundle aims to bridge the technology gap for those who are certified in Ethernet concepts and help them become familiar with the Brocade NFV solution, and to get Brocade NFV Certified.  


The BCVRE bundle will be offered free of charge and includes a promotional code which allows the student to take the BCVRE exam one time at no cost


Watch a short video and then discover what NFV is about using Brocade Vyatta vRouter technology.




When ready, access this document containing supplemental exam study materials, to help you get certified.